5 Types of Unique Pool Tables in the World

If you enjoy playing pool or billiards, then you are aware of the fact that the design and shape of a pool table is very important. Of course standard pool tables are the norm, but now days people are becoming more creative with their design of billiard tables. There are so many unique pool tables around the world and they are all incredibly fun to play billiards on. Seeing these unique pool tables would make any Billiards fan excited at the design. While the standard pool table is made of a flat surface that consists of quarried slate covered by cushion or cloth, there are other tables that are individually customized and modded. Here at JM Billiard Company, you can play pool on one of the world’s most unique pool tables.

ROUND POOL TABLEOur classic round pool tables are handmade and are the perfect addition to any game room! Our round tables are made out of hard oak wood and it can be stained to match with your existing furniture. We currently offer three different base options, including a variety of felt colors, and your choice of either black or brown leather pockets.

poker pool tableAside from our classic round pool tables, we also make custom round pool tables and they can also be personalized to match any interior design and existing furniture. Custom options are available including felt colors and logos, your choice of laminates, wood finishes, wood carving, and fiber optic lighting. Our tables can even be used as a poker table by adding on a ‘poker table top/dining table top’ that rests on top of the pool table. The round pool table can be a really fun addition as a multi-purpose table in any game room and our customization will always allow it to meet our customer’s expectations!

In addition to our cool round pool tables at JM Billiard, you can also find many other unique pool table designs around the world. Here’s a bit more about some of the world’s most unique pool tables:

glass poolGlass pool tables have become a stylish addition in leisure rooms and people who enjoy playing on a transparent table are very fond of a table made out of a glass surface. The glass in a pool table is always made of premium quality and playing pool on this type of surface will look visually appealing. You’ll never know the difference of a regular pool table and glass pool table because the glass material will often play like an average speed cloth, allowing the right amount of spin to be applied and retaining its consistent roll characteristics over its lifetime.

ice pool tableIce pool tables are a fun way for people to chill out and have a bit of fun. It’s most ideal for businesses looking to have an exotic table in their room. Ice tables can be customized with themes and engravings. They can turn out to be a really great addition at events such as birthday bashes and game day watch parties.

car pool tableCar pool tables are made from the highest quality parts and finishes, and they make a nice addition for any American car enthusiast. Just like the great American auto companies, car pool tables are made with only the highest quality of authentic real car-parts, chrome, decals, rims, tires and working lights, on actual cars from real collectible cars. These types of pool tables make a classic fit in any showroom with an old-school theme.

outdoor pool tableOutdoor pool tables aren’t really out of this world in design but they are also unique since they can be placed outside of the house. These types of outdoor pool tables are often made from corrosion resistant materials, and the exterior finish is environmentally safe electro-static heat baked to 400+ degrees to provide a durable finish able to withstand the elements and the rigors of every day pool playing. Outdoor pool tables will require more maintenance and they can be maintained for by simply washing with mild soap and water let dry and play pool.

ROUND POOL TABLECustom pool tables can be a great investment for anyone. It really just depends on what type of pool table designs you like. There’s only one thing to keep in mind when buying a pool table and that’s to make sure you have adequate room in your game room for a new pool table. Luckily for us at JM Billiard, we make custom round pool tables that are very space-friendly in any room. Just ask Rob Dyrdek…